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I’m here to share my experiences and – hopefully – help you prepare to enjoy America’s most breathtaking locations.

26 national parks down, 37 to go…

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About Me

My name is Paul.

I was born in Georgia, raised in Missouri, and learned most of what I know from Purdue University in Indiana. In 2018, I discovered the majesty of America’s national parks thanks to a visit to the crown jewel of the National Park Service: Yosemite. Since then, my identity has been shaped by countless experiences in the outdoors, experiences highlighted by these beautiful natural havens. My goal? To visit and experience every single one. Why? To educate and inspire myself & others while creating unforgettable, life-changing memories.

Paul stands in front of Thorton Lake - surrounded by pine trees and rocky mountain peaks - at North Cascades National Park


Here are some of the highlights of my travels…

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